Our post-cutting service for you:
professional, thorough, economical and reliable.

Your scissors are first subjected to a thorough entry check. Our colleague reviewed the scissors and stated the most important criteria for the repair.
Whether the re-sharpening is worthwhile depends on the width of the blade.
If the blade is too narrow, the scissors can no longer be reground. This will then be replaced after consultation and / or returned with the sharpened scissors.

The shears are disassembled (= screw apart). the screws are neatly arranged and sorted, the blades pushed on rods. Resin remnants and coarse contaminants are removed manually on the inside so that the scissors are ready for the hollow grinding of the blades.

For forged cutters follows a typical Solinger handicraft, namely "hollow grinding." The blades of the used scissors are usually a bit rusty, sticky or damaged.The hollow side, which is very important for good cutting, is sharpened by our sharpener. On special leather discs it is processed with great precision - with the use of the correct size for the different sizes of the scissors, damage is repaired, the hollow side of the scissors is restored and thus a smooth movement of the scissors.

The scissors fitter assembles both blades again and assembles the screw. Now the shears are ready to be sharpened. If the nuts no longer function properly, they will be replaced.

Average lead time of the sharpening service: 10 days (also during holidays)

• afterwards, shears micro-teeth
• tungsten carbide machine blades micro-teeth
• Sharpen points extra needle-sharp
• rounding points
• bend handles
• handle handles with PVC
• adjust scissors on your material:
- such as an extra sharp angle, if you cut felt, leather or thick material.
- The scissors can also be tightened or loosened, increasing the pressure on the points.
• teflonising scissors (number in consultation)
• scissors characteristics with sign or number
• provide scissors with your logo

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