Below you will find a concise table with some substances and products that are suitable for cutting with an electric cutter.
Search for the material to be cut by you in the table, then click on the matching cutting foot (letters at the top of the row) to go to the recommended knife.

Are you missing a substance or are you unsure about the right foot? Call us, if desired it is possible to send a sample of your substance.
We will test the fabric and select the most suitable knives for you.

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Find your fabric, then click on one of the feet: A40 A41 A50 A51 B60 B70 B71 B80 B81
Aramid tissue        
Aramid felt        
Aramid connections up to 2.5 mm          
Dyneema® fabric        
Dyneema® UD   
Felt and wall plate   
Fiberglass fabric / fiber      
Fiberglass connections up to 1.5 mm        
Rubber compounds          
Cocos mats    
Synthetic resin plates up to 1.5 mm          
Laminate cured to 1.5 mm          
Leather / saddle leather       
Metal aluminum up to 2 mm          
Metal NE metal up to 2 mm          
Metal steel wire up to 1.2 mm          
Metal wire mesh felt         
PVC cover / PVC tarpaulin        
Textile general   

Good Optimum