Production of ROBUSO® in Solingen

The scissors with our brand ROBUSO are of our best quality. They are equipped with our pretzel logo and the text ROBUSO SOLINGEN GERMANY.

SOLINGEN not only reflects the pure origin but is rather a quality characteristic. After the "Solingen decision - to protect the name SOLINGEN", only plastic products produced in SOLINGEN must bear this characteristic. In addition, minimum requirements are set for quality, which are far surpassed by our scissors.

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Repair & Service ROBUSO® Solingen

Our after-cutting service for you: professional, thorough, economical and reliable.

Your scissors are first subjected to a thorough entry check. Our colleague reviewed the scissors and stated the most important criteria for the repair. Whether the re-sharpening is worthwhile depends on the width of the blade. If the blade is too narrow, the scissors can no longer be reground. This will then be replaced after consultation and / or returned with the sharpened scissors.

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About ROBUSO® Solingen

The company was founded in 1919 by Julius Buntenbach, the grandfather of the current CEO Reinhild Mohaupt, and his brother Robert. The name refers to the older brother RO bert BU ntenbach SO lingen. As a logo they chose the pretzel, a culinary specialty of the district of Solingen Burg on the Wupper.

In the first decades ROBUSO produced scissors, razors and razor blades for hairdressers and shops, and was already a strong and competent partner at that time.

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